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Equipment of mink farms

Transportation cages.

Cages for mink growing.

 Constructions of mink


Mink farm equipment manufacture

 We manufacture cages for mink growing. Cages made in Lithuania meet high quality EU standards and their fittings and other equipment according to individual needs of customers. We find, consult, assist to acquire in the Scandinavian countries used equipment for mink farms:  for mink growing; food preparation for minks; fur treatment, and etc. We mediate for mink growers in buying cubs of Danish mink breeds and mink females for breeding. We provide with information about the news of Copenhagen Fur Center / CFC /.  We manufacture building constructions of mink farms, made according to the highest standards of mink farm models.
Narvai audinėms Audinių fermų konstrukcijos
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Equipment of mink farms Equipment of mink farms